Tips For Protecting Children From Online Catfishing


Online catfishing is the insidious act of creating a fake online identity. It is named after a documentary broadcasted on YouTube and has since spun off into a popular MTV show. Both shows titled Catfish highlight the truth and lies of online dating. But this isn’t a money-laundering scheme. The goal of catfishing is to dupe someone with romantic aspirations and ultimately humiliate them. Therefore, it is very important to protect your teen kids from this type of online fraud. 



Make a strategy

Making a strategy will not only help your family and child be prepared, but it will also show them how much work it takes to be a successful person. Whether they want to be a gamers looking to generate video game material or a beauty enthusiast looking to perform makeup lessons, they must work with full integrity to achieve success. 


Make online friends

Remember the value of strong interactions offline before you go online. Talking to people in person, going on excursions, and playing games are considerably superior to internet exchanges. Although social networking is all about communication, face-to-face conversation is far more meaningful than anything done on a phone or computer.



Discuss online safety with your children

Experts also advise parents to discuss online safety with their children rather than hammering them with regulations. An open discussion might help your youngster understand why the rules are in place.


Configure privacy settings on your social networks

Privacy settings are available with social networking platforms. Typically, these are enabled, but not always fully. We can’t reasonably go over every single choice because we don’t know which social network(s) you’re using. However, as a general rule, you should enable privacy settings to prevent non-friends from seeing images, including the profile picture.




Limit your screen time and be wary of cyber predators

The more time a youngster spends online unsupervised, the more opportunity cyber predators have to find and communicate with your child. With the social component of Roblox comes the hidden danger of cyberbullying, pornographic exposure, self-harm, and an increase in teen suicide.