Diabetes affects more women than men. So, maintaining your health and well-being is very important. You need to monitor your blood sugar frequently. Besides you have to eat healthy foods and be active. Diabetic raises the risk of heart disease. The most frequent diabetes complications are fourfold in women. But just twofold in males, and women have worse outcomes after a heart attack.


The risk of Diabetes and Heart Disease in women is increasing

Anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes faces an increased risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems. However, researchers found that women have up to four times the risk of heart disease when they have type 2 diabetes. However, women under 60 are often thought to have a lower risk of heart problems.


Pregnancy and diabetes

Some women experience their first case of diabetes during pregnancy. This condition is known as gestational diabetes. Before becoming pregnant, other women had diabetes. Utilize these resources to assist you in discussing diabetes management during pregnancy with your healthcare physician.



Urinary tract infections, a relatively common consequence of diabetes

Diabetes increases the risk of all infections, but because it also affects the bladder, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are particularly prevalent. Dr. Zahr claims that diabetes, particularly if it is inadequately controlled, might result in neuropathy. Dr. Zahr said, “Neuropathy is nerve injury, and damaged bladder nerves can make it difficult to empty the bladder.”



Is it possible to prevent this health issue?

There is some good news for women. If you have diabetes, effective management will lessen the severity of all three of these side effects. You should remember that type 2 diabetes is frequently avoidable by proper food and activity if you do not already have diabetes or pre-diabetes. Even a minor weight decrease can help obese people delay or prevent diabetes.