Skincare Trends You Should Avoid


The internet is constantly inundated with new trends, and among them, beauty trends are among the most well-liked ones. The popularity of social media and easy access to the internet has accelerated the spread of beauty and skincare trends, and people are always experimenting with new and novel trends. There are several trends we should be cautious of, even though some of them are undoubtedly excellent for our skin.



Be mindful of yourself

Don’t worry about Instagram trends or think that you can use the same strategy as your closest friend. A person’s skincare regimen does not automatically imply that you have their skin, according to Beauty expert Marchbein. Everybody has different skin care requirements. A dermatologist, not TikTok celebrities should be your consultant while taking care of your skin. Always remember that skin is a very sensitive part of your body. Before applying any ingredients, you should recheck whether it is reliable or not. If you have a skin condition like eczema, rosacea, or acne, you must consult with your healthcare provider before applying any beauty products. 



Avoid using physical exfoliators

Physical exfoliators have long been a staple of skincare regimens. Chemical exfoliators have changed the game in recent years, albeit offering several advantages. Although utilizing chemical exfoliants requires extreme caution, improper usage of physical exfoliators can be highly damaging to the skin.


Stay away from possibly harmful home remedies

A skincare fad that looks too absurd to be worthwhile probably is. Menstrual masking, which includes smearing menstrual blood on the face, and tanning the perineum are two particularly egregious examples, according to Dr. Fatima Fahs, a board-certified dermatologist in Michigan and the creator of Dermy Doc Box (the area between the genitals and anus).



Excessive use of active substances

People have been arguing over active substances for the past few years, from retinol to glycolic acid, from vitamin C to niacinamide. Without a doubt, active substances provide several advantages for the skin. However, using all the active ingredients simultaneously or in excess does not ensure glowing skin.