Constipation during travel can be caused by changes to your travel plan, which can affect your travel budget as well as your digestive system’s efficiency. In this situation. You must follow some rules to avoid travel constipation. Here are some tips for you.



Eat fiber-rich foods 

Fiber-rich foods are very good for our health. These foods can help us to make our digestive system work properly. So, eat a lot of fiber-rich foods and drink a lot of water before and throughout your journey to prevent constipation. To help your stools become softer and easier to expel, consume enough water and dietary fibers. Fiber thickens and softens your feces, which cannot be broken down by enzymes.


Create your routine

Creating a routine while on vacation can help maintain your circadian rhythm, which helps control the hormones involved in digestion. If you wait until 10:30 a.m. for breakfast while on vacation, you are at risk of developing constipation, as your stomach expands and signals the colon to get rid of old stool.



Don’t disregard the cues from your body

Don’t ignore your body’s signals to use the restroom just because there’s a public restroom nearby or you don’t want to ruin your tour. According to Dr. Vogler, ignoring the urge may cause or make your constipation worse. So, learn to understand the signal of your body and do it accordingly.


Keep moving

Avoid spending a lot of time sitting down. Try to remain active. Moderate exercise increases intestinal motility and may prevent constipation while traveling. The muscles that transport waste through the intestines are electrically stimulated and blood flow is increased. So, do sufficient exercise regularly. It keeps your body healthy. If possible do exercise in an open space so that you can refresh your mind at the same time. A green environment can motivate us to do exercise even in this travel period.