Parker McCollum and His Wife Hallie Ray Light Are Expecting Their First Baby


Country stars Parker McCollum and Hallie Ray Light are very excited as they are expecting their first child. McCollum and Hallie are going to celebrate their second wedding anniversary next month. On this occasion, the great news is a bonus for this pair. 

Recently the couple posted a photo on social media and captioned, “God’s little blessing. We love you so much already, Baby M!” In this photograph, the singer is kissing his pregnant wife in front of an ocean sunset.


The couple got engaged in 2021. At that time McCollum said in an interview, “I couldn’t wait to ask her to marry me.” He also mentioned, “There was no backup plan and no hesitation. I didn’t overthink one thing,” 


He also added. “I was like, ‘It can’t get any better than her.’ There was no doubt in my mind that I was making the right decision. She saved my life in a way. I don’t think I was headed down the right road.”


McCollum made his debut in 2021 at Grand Ole Opry which was a joyful occasion for him. However, on this occasion, he said, “We broke up at the end of [2020] for some goofy reason. I don’t even remember what the reason was,” He also added, “We were still broken up and we were trying to work things out. But I walked off stage that night and I was like, ‘I don’t ever want to do anything like this again without her here.’”


Later the duo got back together again. Then McCollum explained how his wife inspired him,“[With] Hallie Ray, my wife, there is no comedown anymore with her.” He also added, “I think that’s what is missing in that early time, is it’s just human nature, you want that connection and whatever.”


McCollum also praised her wife for appreciating his success, “When I first started selling out shows … the high was so big until you’d wake up the next day, and you just realize everybody that’s ever done this on any level is a normal person and you don’t ride off on a magic carpet afterward and it’s all good and gravy,” 


Then he explained, “I’ve learned to try to intentionally enjoy the night. And when we play big shows like the Houston Rodeo and stuff like that, [I think], ‘Hey, slow it down and appreciate how many healthy, alive family members you have here.’”