Bradley Cooper’s Weirdest Habit


Movie star Bradley Cooper has a strange habit. Recently he explored it in his new film Maestro Promotion. The 49-year-old actor revealed some of his weirdest on-set habits.

Recently the Maestro’s star Played a game where lots of questions were asked. Cooper’s onscreen wife, Carey Mulligan was also present there. They played a game regarding how well they knew each other. In this movie promotional game, Cooper explored some of his habits that were unknown.


Bradley Cooper initially said, “I have to think about it. I don’t know if it’s weird, but like [a weird habit could be] what would end up happening when we were talking and then all of a sudden…” At this moment, Mulligan closed her eyes and acted as Cooper did on set. After seeing Mulligan’s mimic regarding his on-set persona he confirmed, “That’s right!”



Mulligan explained Cooper’s on-set strange habit and said, “closing his eyes midway through a sentence and just, like, disappearing from the universe for as long as it took him to figure out what he wanted to say.” 


The actress also mentioned that this was the oddest habit she experienced as they were performing in the same movie together. The two stars formed a close bond in that interview, and it seems the duo going to present a magical masterpiece in their coming film. 


Maestro is a complex love story where Cooper is going to play the lead role of legendary composer Leonard Bernstein. Fans can find Mulligan as his wife and actress Felicia Montealegre Cohn Bernstein. Audiences can experience the ups and downs of the real-life couple in this biopic movie. This musical drama will illustrate all the magical moments of this married couple between legendary composer Leonard Bernstein and his wife. The most exciting part is Copper also performing as a co-writer as well as director of this movie.