Potential Health Effects Of Celery On Men’s Sexual Health


In recent years consumption of celery and its juice has become increasingly popular. People are interested in taking celery due to its purported health benefits. It is thought that celery can play an active role in improving the sexual health of men. There are several myths about the potential effects of taking celery on men’s sexual health. Science has different opinions about celery’s purported benefits. Here is a brief explanation of the different health benefits of celery.

It is claimed that celery is packed with androsterone which is considered a sex hormone. Androsterone naturally occurs in both sexes. But it is a greater extent in men than in women. This hormone contributes to male characteristics like body hair. It also can be found in human sweat. So, it is thought that celery can lead to increased testosterone levels and sex drive in men. Several media sources claim that celery can increase androsterone levels. However, more scientific evidence is required to confirm that by eating celery or drinking its juice, you can increase the androsterone levels or improve sex drive in men.

Celery has some other potential health benefits. Because celery is rich in vitamin C and phytonutrients. These components are very useful and have anti-inflammatory properties. It also can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and promote male sexual health and fertility. Celery and its juice also may help lower blood pressure.

Finally, it can be said that celery and its juice offer various benefits related to men’s sexual health. This is an emerging health trend that may marginally contribute to men’s fertility.