Recently Football star’s secret life was revealed. Model Lauryn Goodman exposed that Kyle Walker had a second child with her. It was a traumatic moment for Kyle Walker’s wife Annie to learn about the secretive double life of her husband.

In an interview, Lauryn said, “I kept saying to Kyle, ‘You need to tell her. You need to tell Annie that you are our daughter’s father and you are having a relationship with your children.”

The 32-year-old model also added, “We need to start 2024 out in an open way. If everyone knows where they stand they can make their own adult choices in life. I didn’t want to cause any more heartache for Annie or be a bitch but I had to tell her because Kyle was too weak to do it.”

She also added, “Hearings were coming up surrounding our daughter, there was paperwork flying around and legal meetings had taken place and Annie needed to know the truth before something went public. Kyle was happily hiding the truth because he had two families and was scared about what would happen when Annie knew but I kept saying to him, ‘Our daughter can’t be a secret, she is a human’.

Finally, Lauryn decided not to hide this secret anymore. She thought after so many wrongs, it was the right time to do the right. That’s why she revealed the truth to Annie.