Health in the 30s is very important to consider especially for a woman. Because a woman in her 30s may not feel different from her previous years. But over time, the body changes at a different pace. Here are some of the issues that a woman should start considering for her well-being after her 30s.

Your body is changing

Due to slowing metabolism, after 30 women start to gain weight. To maintain a healthy weight, having a proper diet is necessary. Along with that, proper exercise, gym, age-appropriate exercise, and aerobatics activities are very helpful.

Create a family medical history

Genetics is an aspect that no one can deny. It is very much important to keep a record of family medical history. It is very common to inherit bodily issues. Especially for women, Breast cancer, uterine cancer, arthritis, and low bone density, are very common genetical problems. Being aware of these issues will help them diagnose an earlier stage. So, take care of your health in the 30s.

Ask questions to your health care provider

As a conscious healthcare consumer, you should ask some important questions to the doctor. So, you can be ready for future issues. For example, as your physician: How do I improve my diet? Or when should I go for regular check-ups? Learn from your doctor about the way of preventing osteoporosis and the monthly breast self-exam process. It is also important to know if you have to change the contraceptive method in your 30s.


Preventive health screenings

Several screenings will be required after 3os to check if your body is functioning properly. Screening like blood pressure tests for hypertension, cholesterol level, clinical breast exam, dental exam, diabetes screening, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and a thyroid test. You can also conduct some other tests like skin exams for skin cancer and eye exam.