Difference Between Depression and Anxiety


A mental health issue can be severe among people who have busy lives. Especially women who have to deal with many things in their life. Often, they confuse anxiety and depression issues. This can be a serious issue not correctly recognized. Here are the ways to distinguish between them,



The rate of people dealing with anxiety and depression is not the same. As they have different mental conditions, they have different rates of affected people. In the US anxiety affects more than twice that of depression. Approximately 7% of people have depression and 19% of people have anxiety.


Risk factor

Frisk factors are most common among people with both disorders. They are bad for your health and can get serious if not treated properly. In addition, both conditions affect men and women, but it is most common in women. specifically, they are twice as common in women compared to men. It depends on the genes and environmental factors.


The time of development of the condition

Both of the issues can take place at the same time. However, research and records have shown that anxiety can develop at the early stage of life, specifically at the start of adolescence. However, depression can take place in later stages of life. Also, the effect can differ depending on the lifestyle and environment. In addition, if someone has both depression and anxiety, then the symptoms of anxiety will show first.


Both disorders have very different symptoms. They are not identical; this is why detecting the conditions is easy. For anxiety, people feel irritated, tense, restless, and hyperactive in day-to-day life. Also, they show sudden breakdowns if something happens that makes the situation a bit complex. Meanwhile, being depressed shows signs of sleeplessness, sadness, and hopelessness at the same time.