3 Sugar Alternatives You Should Practice During Holiday Cooking


Are you looking for some genius ways to use sugar alternatives? Then you are in the right place. Here we are going to explore some of the most interesting and effective ways that you may like to use in your holiday cooking.

The holiday season is full of cake and sweets. It may create an obstacle if you are in the middle of the achievable goal of your targeted weight loss. nutrition expert Katherine Brooking said, “The main thing about sugar is, when you remove it, you’re saving calories. Wherever you can cut back, even if it’s using a quarter less sugar, it can make a big difference.”

Katherine also added, “By reducing refined sugar, you’re also reducing some of the proinflammatory ingredients in your diet, which has benefits for cardiovascular health, skin health, and all of the organs in the body,”

Consume homemade foods

To save calories and stave off holiday weight gain, you must consider sugar alternatives. Especially refined sugars are responsible for gaining weight. Nutritionist Brooking said, “You can easily halve the sugar in most baked good recipes and no one will notice, including you.”

Start your morning with oatmeal

A champion breakfast will help you to achieve a winning position. A porridge or smoothie along with oatmeal allows you to start your day with a balanced morning meal. Brooking said, “Having a lot of sweets usually begets cravings for more sweets.”

Consume more protein

In this holiday season, you may not refuse sugar completely. But what you can do is to consume more protein glazes and marinades to reduce the consumption of sugar. So, Brooking suggested, “I think the point is to be mindful of what’s in your food and where you can cut back on the refined sugar.”