How exactly probiotics support the gut is still ongoing. But you can incorporate probiotics into your meals that contain naturally occurring probiotics. Because these live microorganisms keep your gut healthy. Experts recommended fermented foods for better digestion, more energy, and clean skin. These foods are also helpful for a stronger immune system.

Health expert Hamshaw said, “Fermented foods have been part of cuisines from around the world for centuries. Many of them are very wholesome and rich in nutrients. This includes fiber, which is associated with digestive health. And the live microorganisms they contain may act as probiotics.”

Here is a short list of useful probiotic foods you should add to your daily diet plan:


It is one of the most available sources of probiotics. Whether it is lunchtime or breakfast, you can take some portion of yogurt that can keep your gut health sound. Consuming yogurt daily is a good practice. However, before adding this food item to your daily diet, you can consult with your health provider.


It is another good source of probiotics. Olives also provide antioxidants to our bodies. A recent study in Italy found that Sicilian green olives can almost act like an antioxidant. You can increase your immunity by consuming olives daily. It can also be helpful to reduce inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar

It has lots of health benefits. If you want to take some probiotics daily, you can try apple cider vinegar. Because it contains lots of probiotics. You need to add it to other foods or drinks. It is a good way to consume it with salad.