The Duchess of Cambridge has joined a class at a school to observe how students are being taught about the brain’s development. The royal mom of three always showed her enthusiasm for the child’s early development. She believes it can influence a person’s potential and mental well-being. Schools are introducing a new tool about the brain’s building block to realize mental health.

Kate recently set up a department of the Royal Foundation dedicated to a child’s brain development. The new tool is designed to help kids to understand the brain in some of its earliest stages. The tool is initiated as a new project in action at a school in northwest London. It was introduced by the Neurodevelopment project at Oxford University.

Senior Post Doctoral Researcher at the SEEN Project Dr. Elizabeth Rapa said, “She completely understood how we need to give more gravitas to this and that everyone needs to understand and make that connection between your brain development and your future long-term health. She repeated that a few times back to me.”

Dr. Rapa also said, “She was really impressed about that. That’s the connection she wants everyone to make. This is not just scientists talking about brains — it’s that actual real-life change of practice and behavior that’s important.” Clinical Psychologist Dr. Louise Dalton said, “She was genuinely excited to see how much the students had learned and understood about the science.”

The Duchess of Cambridge is keen to see the classroom activities as she is closely aligned with the work on early childhood.