Breast cancer can strike at any age and is frequently diagnosed in women of all ages, so early screening is essential to managing the disease and enhancing the quality of life. Breast cancer symptoms should never be disregarded by women, and getting quick medical care is crucial if you want to control your illness.



Maintain a healthy weight

Because it’s mentioned so frequently, it’s simple to forget that everyone should maintain a healthy weight. Particularly after menopause, being overweight can raise the risk of developing breast cancer among other malignancies.


Avoid using hormone replacement

Breast cancer risk is increased by menopausal hormone replacement therapy. Avoid hormones containing progesterone if you must take them to treat menopausal symptoms, and use them for no more than three years. In addition to being avoided, “bioidentical hormones” and hormonal lotions and gels are no safer than pharmaceutical hormones.



Get moving

The secret to remaining healthy is to stay active. A simple method to lower your chance of developing cancer is to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, five days a week. By keeping a healthy weight, exercise can also help you minimize your risk.



Avoid using birth control after age 35 or if you smoke

Birth control tablets have advantages and disadvantages. The hazards are reduced for younger women. Women who use birth control tablets have a slightly higher chance of developing breast cancer. Though, as soon as you stop using the pill, this risk disappears immediately. While using the pill, there is also an increased risk of heart attack and stroke, especially if a woman smokes. However, continued use can also provide significant advantages, including a reduced risk of ovarian, colon, and uterine cancer. Give your infant breast milk for as long as you can. Breast cancer risk is lower for women who exclusively breastfeed their children for at least a full year.