After the conservatorship termination, Amanda Bynes broke her silence. The conservatorship was terminated after nine years and now finally she can celebrate her freedom as a free woman.

Amanda Bynes shared her feelings after the nine years of conservatorship in this way, “Words can’t even describe how I feel. Wonderful news.” The Nickelodeon star requested the court to terminate her conservatorship and finally, a Ventura County Superior Court granted the request. The court ordered to removal of her mother Lynn Bynes from the position of managing her daughter’s medical, personal, and financial matters.

Lynn’s attorney Tamar Arminak shared a statement that stated, “Lynn is very happy and proud of Amanda for everything that she’s done and come through, and how she’s stronger and better on the other side of this conservatorship.” Tamar also added, “Lynn is looking forward to Amanda’s engagement and everything that follows, and to having a mother-daughter relationship rather than a conservator-conservatee relationship.”

Lynn was granted a temporary conservatorship in 2013 when the actress was accused of trespassing on a neighbor’s property. At that time, Amanda underwent a psychiatric hospitalization. Her mom was given a full conservatorship in 2014. According to that conservatorship Amanda’s affairs, including her estate were fully controlled by her mom.

However, Amanda got engaged to Paul Michael in 2020 and filed to end the conservatorship. Now Amanda and Paul are planning to rent an apartment together and for this purpose, they have signed a lease for a new home.