One of the most attractive pop-star singers Charlie Puth is trending on the music chart right now with his new album. This German-descent musician is known for his dreamy voice and charming appendices. But, the most noticeable feature on his face is his slightly strange-shaped eyebrow. If you think that it is natural, you might be wrong.

Charlie Puth has been a pet lover since his childhood. He was brought up with many dogs. As it turns out, the vertical strip of hair missing from Puth’s right eyebrow is a scar from a dog attack. When he was just 2 years old, Puth was playing outside with a friend when a large dog attacked him, causing deep scratches and lacerations to his face. In addition to suffering several puncture wounds, Puth also sustained a deep cut on his right eyebrow that required stitches.

Just not for the eyebrow, Charli is also best known for his accuracy in detecting music notes. Just not from a musical instrument, he can detect perfect notes from random noises. Fans think that this is a direct gift from God. Indeed, this is a cool power to have.

Scars give up stories, they make us powerful. It’s not that Charlie is only famous for the scar on his eyebrow, but it makes him unique from the rest of us.