Discover the Midwest’s hidden gem travel destinations and other unique attractions around the world, perfect for your next vacation. These off-the-beaten-path locations offer a variety of experiences, from pristine wilderness to quirky attractions.

Midwest Hidden Gems

Some of the Midwest’s hidden gems include Garden of the Gods Wilderness in Illinois, Santa Claus in Indiana, Fairfield in Iowa, Isle Royale National Park in Michigan, Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Missouri, and The Mohicans in Ohio. Each destination offers unique attractions and experiences, such as pristine wilderness, wildlife viewing opportunities, and internationally renowned centers of transcendental meditation.

European Escapes

For a quieter European getaway, consider Piedmont, Italy, a region in northwest Italy on Lake Maggiore, or Annecy in the French Alps, famous for its stunning lake and opportunities for swimming, boating, and other fun activities.

Coastal Retreats

The Crystal Coast in North Carolina offers outdoor activities celebrating nature’s best views, while Indiana Underground provides a unique summer travel experience where visitors can cool off in caves, catacombs, quarries, and clubs.

Road Trip Adventures

South Dakota offers a variety of road trip itineraries, including a 1-day trip covering 375 miles with stops at Queen City Bakery, Porter Sculpture Walk, and Badlands National Park, or a 3-day weekend trip covering 787 miles with stops at Newton Hills State Park, Lake Vermillion Recreation Area, and Hartford Beach State Park.

Hidden Vacation Rentals

For a peaceful and quiet retreat, consider a hidden vacation rental in Anthony, Kansas, nicknamed “Cattail Cove.” Located on the waterfront of Anthony Municipal Lake, this rental offers a porch area with great views, a full kitchen, and an indoor fireplace, perfect for unplugging from everyday life.