Cher has been the inspiration for the Pop music industry for a long time. She has created an empire that still is running. After a long time in the business, she is still making new music. This time it is with her new boyfriend.



Regarding the music

Alexander “A.E.” Edwards and Cher are now on to make some new music. This time they are changing things a bit. The main composition would be held in the UK. So, this is going to be something new for Cher. A.E. is also a talented musician of his time.


More information

According to Cher, the project is of a big scale. She has cooperated with multiple music producers to produce two albums at once. This is going to be a huge project as a comeback track. So, this is going to take so much effort from both sides.


Comeback tour and music

Cher had an amazing career. She had made music that touched people from their hearts. There have been multiple times when she had come back and made something amazing. This is also going to be the same. So, fans are now waiting to see her concert.