Discover the secrets to a happier life with these 20 effective happiness tips backed by scientific research. Learn how to create a positive environment, engage in mood-boosting activities, and support your overall well-being.

Understanding Happiness and Well-being

A study in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology highlights the impact of eudaemonic well-being on the immune response of breast cancer patients. Psychiatrist David Baron emphasizes the importance of being aware of things that can make you happy despite the stress, while psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar explains that happiness is about different dimensions of well-being. Engaging in certain hobbies like needlepoint, knitting, or crocheting can help keep your mind engaged and anxiety at bay.

Boosting Happiness Through Actions

Donating to a good cause can boost happiness levels, and making a list of favorite things to incorporate into your routine can positively impact overall happiness. Smiling can make you happy according to a review of 138 studies published in the journal Psychological Bulletin. Setting up your home to boost your mood is another effective strategy.

Creating a Mood-Boosting Environment

Environmental surroundings can have an effect on mood. Visually cluttered spaces can increase depressed mood and stress levels. All sensory experiences combine to contribute to an emotional response to a space. Personal experience and preference, as well as biological responses, can affect sensory input and experience. Curating your personal surroundings can “hack” your mood or experience. Maximizing your environment to support mental health can improve cognitive performance, social interactions, and clarity of thought.

Simple Changes for a Happier Home

Opening up blinds to let natural light in can help align your body clock and improve sleep. Placing mirrors on walls across from windows can reflect outdoor lighting and make a space appear brighter and larger. Listening to music you enjoy can boost dopamine levels. Adding plants to your space can improve air quality and reduce stress. Incorporating calming scents, like lavender, can reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. Decluttering your space can reduce stress and improve mood.