Podcasts have become a powerful medium for storytelling, captivating audiences worldwide and transforming the media landscape. One such example is the video podcast series Field Notes by a16z, where host Connie Chan interviews industry veterans to discuss the impact of technology on various sectors.

From Editorial Vision to Digital Influence

In a recent episode, Chan interviews Susan Plagemann, the president of WME Fashion and a veteran of the fashion and publishing industries. They discuss how tech has transformed the media industry, how to turn editorial vision into influence, and how creators and companies can build standout digital brands. Plagemann shares her experience as the publisher of Cosmopolitan and how it was a market-maker in the beauty arena.

Adapting to the Changing Media Landscape

Plagemann and Chan also discuss the changes in business lines and revenue drivers for magazines, including the launch of Cosmo Girl and the first-ever video podcast series for Marie Claire. Plagemann talks about how the internet was not yet a factor during her time at Cosmo and how they responded to the rise of email as a communication channel for readers.

Radiolab: A Testament to the Power of Podcast Storytelling

Another example of the impact of podcasts on storytelling is the popular show “Radiolab.” Despite changes in the audio industry, the podcast has remained popular and continues to captivate audiences. The new hosts aim to continue the legacy of the show, which was defined by its original hosts and executive producer’s sound-rich storytelling style. “Radiolab” popularized several conventions of modern podcasting and has had a lasting influence on the industry.

The New Generation of Radiolab Hosts

The new hosts of “Radiolab” are disciples of the show’s doctrine. Lulu Miller joined the show as an intern in 2005 and later became a staff member, while Latif Nasser pitched the show in 2010 after hearing an episode related to his doctoral dissertation. Together, they aim to carry on the tradition of innovative storytelling that has made “Radiolab” a standout in the world of podcasts.