Spring is a wonderful time to purge your house of anything that might be weighing you down, start over, and declutter. In reality, spring cleaning can improve your happiness, mental health, and general well-being in several ways.

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Living on less

Vivian van Vriesland, the proprietor of The Dutch Touch and mother of two from Sammamish, believes that the perfect house is about keeping only the items you use and value and getting rid of the rest.

Form squads 

Form squads to take on large tasks and teach kids securely and correctly, such as sweeping the front veranda and back terrace, cleaning the garden furniture, and planting flowers.

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Reset your closet

The change of seasons is a great opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and purge any clothing that doesn’t match your current body type or sense of style. This can be challenging or mentally taxing, but can also be beneficial for long-term stress levels and mental health.

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Give and enjoy yourself

Give unused items of clothing to a worthy organization, distribute tiny gifts and craft materials to neighbors, and repurpose outdated items. Many businesses will either discard them or work with charity groups. Recycling programs accept everything from infant seats to sneakers.