Last month, the talk show star Noah openly mentioned his feelings about famous pop star Due lipa. He also mentioned how it was for the first time to see her performance. The romance rumor between both the stars popped last month after her saying that she is single.


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What happened

Last Friday, Trevor made an appearance on the Radio podcast about Dua Lipa, where he

mentioned feelings. And it seemed like the late-night show host was invested in her. He mentioned, every time he sees her, his life goes well.


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All the other rumors

After he shared his feelings for Dua, fans started to recall all the moments that both

of them had shared on screen. As last month Dua mentioned in one of her interviews that she was single, now people are thinking that Noah is showing her feelings to Dua.


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About Dua

Unfortunately, Dua has shut down all the rumors about her and Noah. She specifically mentioned that although they have a good connection, nothing is going on between them like that. They both admire their friendship and want to continue it. She also mentioned that she is kind of selfish for being in a relationship right now, so this is not the right moment for her.