After being on the series for eight years, the departure of Jesse was a shock to the fans. Another character, detective Jay Halstead, left the show and never came back. But speculation says that there is a possibility of Jesse coming back to the show with surprises.


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What happened

Soffer left the series earlier this month without any notice. No one has any right news regarding why he left or what happened. But recently, to people’s demand, he announced on Twitter by saying that he is joining the show again.


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The announcement

The tweet that was published was quite emotional. There he acknowledges his love and respect for the viewer of the show and mentioned how without them he would be nothing today. Also, he thanked all the people on the show who made it possible.


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Other members living the show

Soffer is not the only one who left the show. He is the fourth one who has done this in this popular series. Sophia bush left in season 4, and Elias Koteas departed in season 5. Also, Antonio Dawson left on season 6. All of them had a different reason for leaving the show.