The Walker family is full of problems. But fans are waiting for the new season of the show. Is there any possibility that the show might be canceled in the future? Fans are speculating about many things as the days are going by.


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The previous season and its situation

Season 3 of Walker was not a big hit. The rating was down by some numbers. There were many reasons for it. But most people watched the show because of the expectations they had from the prior season. The question of continuation comes from here.


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Chances of the continuation of the series

There was speculation that the CW could cancel Walker for season 4. There was no response for a long time on any social media regarding the series. The network has now mentioned that the show has a good chance of continuation. As people have demanded despite the rating of the last season, they are thinking of season 4.


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Final thought

The fanbase of Walker is hopeful for the new season. They are expecting more from the series. Also, the renewal of the show would create more enthusiasm among fans about the show.