Zendaya has mentioned to the people that Tom is the one who makes her happy the most. This was on her birthday. So, to keep her happy, Tom and Zendaya went to the Louver Museum together.

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More details about the date

These Spiderman co-stars were seen together on Friday strolling in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The photograph looks like both of them are holding hands in front of the museum. Both of them wear casual dresses. Tom had a striped sweater tucked and Zendaya had a blue blouse.

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 What more?

The couple seems to have free time on their hands. They have been seen spending a lot of time together. Recently the couple was seen in New York roaming around the city. The day after Zendaya’s birthday, Tom posted that pic by mentioning how much happy he is by having Zendaya in his life.

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Tom and Zendaya’s relationship

Both of them are private about their relationship. Only a couple of times both of them are seen in public. But their relationship is much more active on social media. Zendaya seems to post a few pictures on Instagram about them being together and mentioning a happy relationship.