Famous pop star queen Katy perry is famous for her upbeat songs throughout the world. Her music has spoken to many fans. But this time, she went viral for another reason.

Credit: thestatesman

At a nightclub crowd in Las Vegas, she took the role of “Pizza delivery person” so seriously. The singer, 37, appears in the DJ booth dancing along to J Balvin and Skrillex and starts to throw pizza after a while at fans. Funny enough, she put the pizza on the plate first before throwing it to the public.

Credit: see.news

Although it didn’t hurt anyone or offended them, most of the pizza didn’t reach the public. This clip was viral instantly and fans started to make memes as soon they saw it. One fan quipped: ‘Do you ever feel like a pizza dish? Drifting through the wind, wanting to start again?’ This is simply a quote from her song “Firework”.

Credit: rollingstone

Katy responded to her viral moment, by tweeting out a duo of stunning selfies, and captioning them: ‘You wanna pizza me? Back in Vegas this week!’ And sure enough, fans went crazy for it. They want to see her in the clubs again.