People who have diabetic conditions have so many restrictions regarding their lifestyle. But still, you can stay fit when you are dealing with this.

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Count your food intake- Taking proper food is the first condition of being fit. Try to consume food with fiber and less added sugars, only foods with natural sugar are healthy for you. Try to avoid food that contains a higher or more complex level of sugar in it.

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Exercise daily- Exercising daily will make your health way better if you are dealing with a diabetic situation. Exercise will keep the sugar level on point, this will make you feel good throughout the day.

Count your blood sugar every day- Counting your blood sugar, especially after eating and exercising will give you an idea about how much in control it is. Following the blood sugar history, you can take further steps.

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Check for wounds- Diabetic patients are very prone to small wounds, as they don’t want to heal on time. Try to look for bruises or cuts and take care of them. Unless, it would get infected very easily and get septic, causing more harm.