Traveling can be stressful and enjoyable if planned properly. There are some strict rules that one should follow regarding traveling that you should not do.

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Don’t eat near a major tourist site

The food near any major attraction is going to be double the price and half the flavor of what you’ll find elsewhere. If you don’t want to pay double for the same food you can find in the same place, don’t eat in the nearest restaurant or a tourist spot. Ask locals about where you can find a place to eat in the city that is affordable and safe.

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Don’t exchange money at the airport

Exchanging money at the airport will make your day worse. They provide the lowest rate in exchange you can imagine. Once you are in the city, use an ATM or card to change your money. Never exchange cash unless you have to.

Don’t look at only US-based search engines

When you are in a different country and possibly a different continent, don’t use any search engines that are based in America. You want to be updated on the city. This is necessary to gather information. But using a US-based search engine would not provide you with proper information on what you will need. Look for local search engines to get accurate information.

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Don’t skip traveler insurance

It may seem like a ridiculous added expense, but travel is about the unknown. You never know what could happen to you. You can be in an accident and get injured. Or you can face another kind of issue. To be protected from all possible occurrences, get travelers’ insurance.