Logan Paul, a controversial YouTube star is known for his out-of-the-frame opinion and wired activities on the internet. Sometimes being offensive, Logan has been canceled many times in his career. His fans say that he is the most hated person in the YouTube community. But, still, he makes sense to many people. Most recently, he is being cherished and criticized for his podcast ‘Impulsive”.

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On Nov. 9, 2018, Logan Paul launched the podcast “Impulsive”. The podcast does not focus on a single topic or genre but rather is more interview-based, asking about current events in a featured guest(s)’ day-to-day life or topics that surround them. And like Paul, his guests are often controversial people. He gives an open floor to those people and lets them say what they want. It is more like an unplugged lounge, with people being free and saying things they want.

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Logan Paul is a social media star, who initially rose to fame in 2013 with the social media app, Vine. After the closure of that app, he moved onto YouTube, where he had over 6 billion total views and almost 30 million total subscribers on YouTube. After a series of controversial headlines under his name, he took a business route by starring in amateur boxing matches worth millions and starting his podcast with Mike Maljak.

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Although some people think he should not get so much attention for what he does, the podcast makes sense to many people.