Cooking is essential for everyone. It is a unisex skill. But not everyone is good at it. Like every skill, you need to follow some tactics to be better at cooking.

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Practice, Practice, Practice

There is no substitution to practice. Your ingredient may be super fresh, your kitchen setup is spik and spam; but, if you don’t practice, nothing is going to help you. Don’t expect to be good at the first trial. Cooking takes time to get easy.

Start with small recipes

If you start slow and small, you will be able to notice what are your faults. In addition, it is a learning opportunity if you are cooking some basic food. Keep patience, start with something basic, less complex. Roasting a chicken, sautéing vegetables, and creating a sauce from scratch, are some good starts.

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Prep first

All professional chefs and people who are good at cooking prep their food first. This is essential as they keep you ready for every step and saves time. You have noticed that all the cooking shows prepare their food item earlier. This is just not for aesthetic purposes; this is also for cooking better food.

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Learn to balance flavors

This is a bit complex. Every food item has its flavor. Try to learn how to maintain the balance between them. This will lead you to make good food.