Traveling to a new area is refreshing and enriching the should at the same time. But often the experience turns a sour turn due to a lack of safety precautions.

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Transport safety

while staying at the airport before the plane leaves, keep your belongings near to you. It can turn into a big issue if you lose your bag somewhere and right now it’s time for arriving at the plane. In addition, avoid checking money all the time, it might generate some attention.

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Hotel safety

Try to book on those hotels that offer “swipe cards” for opening doors of the room. If by any chance you lose the card, no one can get into it without the interference of the hotel authority. Try to take note of emergency exits, stairwells, and fire escape beforehand. Just in case you need them, you can be equipped with the knowledge of their existence. And always lock the door of the room before living.

Local safety

While staying in the area, try to be camouflaged. Don’t be an attractive target in front of people. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry and expensive attributes. You never know who has the wrong intention around you. And particularly, if you feel threatened by any activity, don’t take time to connect with local law enforcement agencies.

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Keep the travel plans, including destination, hotel, and details about the trip confidential. Don’t make plans for night travel if you are going alone or taking personal vehicles. Moreover, keep photocopies of your passport, national ID card, and other important details with you all the time. Relying on only a credit card might not be the smartest idea, keep some cash.