Cooking is a basic skill for survival. In today’s busy life, being an efficient cook can save you a lot of time. There are multiple ways to be better in the kitchen.

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Take one minute of mental walk about the item you are cooking

Before cooking, it is essential to go through every process in your head. It helps you to recall all the necessary ingredients that you need for the dish. Moreover, it also helps to calculate the time of the process.

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Set all the appliances and heat the oven

Almost every recipe tells you to preheat the oven at a certain temperature. It makes a warm setting in the oven. Take all the necessary utensils to the table and gather all the ingredients on one side. This way you would have all the things you need in front of you.

Get the water boiling immediately

Every dish requires boiled water at any moment. So, start your cooking process by boiling water in a separate pan or bowl so you can stay ahead of the process. Don’t forget to put a lid on it. It helps to boil the water fast and save energy.

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Clean produce smartly

By cutting the end of carrots, root vegetables, and lettuces; you can make them clean easily. There is less dirt to waste if the root part is cut beforehand. Combine all the things in a colander and wash them.