Summertime is the most popular weather for travelers visiting places. But for a few people, the heat is just way too much to handle. But some hacks can keep someone comfortable in summer.


Stay Hydrated at all costs

Taking a lot of fluid in the summertime can help one to stay fresh. Our body requires water to cool it down naturally. Carrying a water bottle all the time is a smart idea. Instead of purchasing plastic one-time-use water bottles, it is convenient to carry a permanent one and refill it over time. Moreover, don’t wait to drink water till you get thirsty.

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Eat light meals

It’s common to enjoy local cuisine where you are traveling. But keep it light and fresh. Eating food with excess oil is not good for the digestive system. It requires a lot of water to process after someone takes heavy food for lunch or dinner. Keep your meals, especially lunch, light. Eat less meat and more veggies. This food habit will help you stay cool during the summer heat.

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Wear loose outfits

When you are traveling in the summer season, you should choose loose clothes to wear. Because a tight outfit will make you more uncomfortable. You also need to be aware of the color of the clothes. Try to select light color dresses as dark colors absorb more heat compared to light colors. It is best to choose white color loose-fitting outfit while moving around during summer.