Sugar is known as white poison according to many nutritionists. Reducing the intake of sugar can positively impact your body in the long term. But it is certainly not easy to deduce the amount of sugar consumption. But there are some ways to do so.

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Read product Label

Just by looking at the product nutrition list, you would get to know how much sugar people have per day. Although product labels are not always accurate, they can certainly provide some helpful information. Items like Cane sugar, corn syrup, beet sugar, barley sugar, and agave sugar are just some of them you should reduce in your diet. Although they are natural sugars, they are not free from harmful effects.

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Avoid artificial sugars

Artificial sugars are a subject of dispute for a long time in the food industry. They are much sweeter than natural sugar but contain no to a few calories. However, taking a lot of artificial sugar can trick your body into thinking that you are eating sugar. Which makes you crave more. Also, as it is a chemical product, it has some long-term effects on the human body.

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Try alternatives

Nowadays many alternatives to sugar are available. You can try any of those. But it is better to consult with a dietician before selecting any alternative. You can apply those while preparing your daily foods. Some alternatives are available in portable bottles. So, you can carry those easily while traveling. However, make sure that those are not artificial and harmful to health.