When you are traveling in an area where the temperature is cold, you should take some precautions. Especially you need to take enough warm clothes with you along with sufficient stuff that is mandatory to handle any cold weather. Packing light for cold weather is never a good idea. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind before traveling somewhere cold:

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Pack layers of clothes

It is never a good idea to pack fewer clothes for winter travel. And the best way to pack is to have layers of clothes. First, select the underwear. You can have multiple of them, as you have to change them depending on the duration of the travel. Then select primary clothes that would wear over the underwear. T-shirts and long-sleeved tops are great options. Pack multiple of those. Depending on the weather, pack thermal clothing which can protect you. Don’t forget to pack pairs of socks and leggings.

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Wear your heaviest cloth on the plane

Wear the heaviest and bulkiest jacket over the normal dress. You never know how cold it is at the destination. If the weather there is cold and you are wearing a simple jacket, it would be hard to stay warm. As your bags are on the plane, you will not have access to them instantly.

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Take sufficient medicine

Cold weather is a very convenient environment for germs to spread. We often get cough and fever in the cold weather. So, be aware of this and take some primary medicine to tackle this type of situation when you are on the road. But it is always safe to consult with a physician when you feel sick. Take your medicine after consulting with your health care provider.