If you are a Met gala fan, it is common knowledge that it belongs to Rihanna, Blake Lively, and Zendaya. But this year only Blake Lively showed up wearing her outstanding Statue of Liberty-inspired dress. Due to the pregnancy, it is quite understandable why Rihanna skipped the party.

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But what happened to Zendaya? She also was not present at last year’s party. Is there something going on between the Met Gala authority and her?

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Last year she couldn’t attend the party due to scheduling conflicts. As she was filming Euphoria at the time, she couldn’t be there for us on the red carpet. But what happened this year?

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Turns out that this year she missed the Met gala due to a schedule conflict again. But not for Euphoria 2.  Zendaya was in Boston filming for her upcoming movie Challengers. It’s a drama genre movie regarding three tennis players competing in the grand slam when they were kids. Good luck to Zendaya, hope she returns soon on the red carpet, and bless our eyes.