Billie Eilish’s New Studio Album “Happier Than Ever” Has Been Published


Billi Eilihe’s fans are now “Happier than ever ‘as she has finally released her new album. This is her second studio album after 2019’s Grammy-winning “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” dropped. This 19-year-old proves her creative transformation with a stronger voice than ever.

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For a young singer who has been open about her mental health issues and coping with fame at an early age, Billie has reflected on her self-confidence and past issues in her recent album.

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This album contains 5 songs. At number 5, Goldwing is a unique song that she never presented to us. This track has church hymns and choir tunes. At 4, she got “getting older. This is a soft start with meditative reflection. Next is ‘Male fantasy”’, which is a simple instrumental song but inventive as per the lyrics. The title track ‘happier than ever” is a transformative instrumental song. And finally, at number 1, the album has “Halley’s comet”, containing the biggest twist on the whole album. After listening to the album, fans will understand that- It’s Eilish doing what Eilish does best.

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It is assumed that this album will be a great hit like the previous album of this singer.