“My Chemical Romance ” band is finally back out on the road for the fans. This time the return is extra sweet because of one cherished member. Guitarist Frank Iero appeared with full potential after the big accident. This musician has also revealed some plans and projects after facing injuries on his wrist.

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In a recent Instagram post, this star explains his recent situation of the accident. After having serious doubts about ever being able to come back to the stage, he lets his fanbase know that he is feeling ok after multiple surgeries.

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The Instagram post simply goes. The singer said, “6 months ago I had my second surgery to remove a spanning plate and 8 screws from my right wrist after falling from a ladder and breaking it is in 10 places. If I’m being honest, between this new injury and the tear in my shoulder from my Australian accident I truly didn’t know if I would ever be able to play guitar again…but I never let those words come out of my mouth”.

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He also added, “Since that surgery, I have recorded a new mychem song, a full length with a new band that will probably be announced in the next few months, and played sold-out stadiums with some of my best friends in the entire world,” he added, before concluding with an inspirational message, “Nothing worth doing is easy, but anything is possible. Thank you for making my dreams come true. Keep the faith, sometimes it’s all we got.”