Recently the World Health Organization has shared an estimate of the deaths caused by the Covid pandemic. It stated that nearly 15 million people around the world have died. It is 13% more deaths than normally expected over two years.

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The WHO assumed that many nations have undercounted the numbers who died from Covid. According to the country’s report, only 5.4 million died from Covid-19. But the World Health Organization estimates that the number would be 10 times more than the reported figures.

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However, the Indian government has questioned the methodology of this estimate. They claimed that the estimation has overcalculated the number of Covid death. Though other studies also found similar results regarding the scale of deaths in the country.

A representative from the WHO’s data department Dr. Samira Asma said about the scale of the figures. She said “It’s a tragedy. It’s a staggering number and it’s important for us to honor the lives that are lost, and we have to hold policymakers accountable,” Then she added, “If we don’t count the dead, we will miss the opportunity to be better prepared for the next time.”

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Many other countries like Russia, Indonesia, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru highest total excess deaths. The World Health Organization claimed that Russia’s actual deaths are three-and-a-half times the country’s recorded deaths.