Recently Rebecca Romijn shared a lot of things about her ex-husband. She and her husband Jerry O’Connell has got candid about her first marriage to John Stamos. Rebecca also said what happened when she saw John for the first time since their 2005 divorce.

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Jerry and Rebecca shared their memories and feelings in the recent episode of The Talk. Rebecca reflected that when she first started dating Jerry, she was not yet legally separated from John. Jerry also said that when he met Rebecca, she was “going through” her divorce.

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Rebecca said “Going through a divorce is terrible, it’s awful. I was with him for 10 years. Divorce feels like a failure and there were a lot of things that I had to let go of that were very sad.”

Rebecca also said that she does have “a lot of fond memories” with John. She added, “A lot of things about him that I miss. But yeah, it’s tricky. It’s a very hard decision to come to when you decide to end a marriage. It was heartbreaking.” But Jerry explained, “When I’m with you personally, and I hear you talk about your ex-husband, it sounds like it was fun. You always have really fun memories.”

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The X-Men actress also revealed that she saw John for the first time after their divorce a few weeks ago. She stated, “I had the girls in the car. We were sitting in afterschool traffic at a strip mall and I saw him. There he was walking right in front of the car. Cap pulled down. Sunglasses on. I went, ‘There he is girls!'”

John and Rebecca tied the knot in 1998. However, they split in 2005. Later in 2007 In Rebecca and Jerry got married.