There are always some risks of the potential damage of dyeing your hair. Sometimes permanent dye can damage your strands. It also increases the risk of reducing hair thickness. For this reason, many are considering alternatives to hair dying. You can easily experiment with color and apply the hair glosses method instead of hair dying.

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Hairstylist Devin Toth said, “They have a translucent sheen to them and can be used to adjust the warmth or coolness of blonde hair. They can blend grays away and they can add tremendous depth to dull brown hair.”

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Toth also said, “If you’re someone who wants to dabble with hair color but isn’t ready to commit to anything permanent, then a gloss is perfect for you and they’re actually less damaging to your hair because they use less peroxide (developer).”

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Hair gloss is a non-permanent coloring method that can help you to enhance your hair color naturally. It does not dye your hair a different color. Rather it adds shine so that your hair looks more attractive. You can transform your hair color without any risk. Because it adjusts the color of your hair based on your hair type. For those who want to transform their dark hair to a lighter, blonde shade, it could be a perfect choice.

Celebrity colorist Jennifer Korab said, “Hair glosses have conditioning properties that can help restore luster and shine to your hair [and] also help repair any summer damage.”