Most airlines are following some rules that every passenger has to obey. For instance, carrying any flammable items with you or drinking your own alcohol is not allowed. If you are not maintaining these certain rules, airlines companies have the right to ban you from their future flights. So, it is wise to know the rules and regulations before you set them for your next trip.

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Due to increasing COVID cases, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has decided to extend the face mask requirement in transportation hubs as well as on public transport. So, if you’re getting ready to fly in the coming days, you’ll want to be aware of this restriction related to face masks. This decision has been taken based on the advice from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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TSA explained in a statement, “Since early April 2022, there have been increases in the 7-day moving average of COVID-19 cases in the United States,”. This is not the first time that the US authority has extended the mask mandate. After more than a month of steady decline in COVID-19 cases, the infection rate is growing high in the U.S. It is thought the recent uptick can be attributed to the rising spread of BA.2, an Omicron subvariant.

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House press secretary Jen Psaki explained, “So what they’re trying to do is give a little bit more time to assess its potential impact the rise of the cases had on severe disease, including hospitalization and deaths and healthcare system capacity. At the end of that two weeks, they can determine what’s next after that.”