Everyone has their style to get preparing for a trip. Some like to make arrangements in advance and some wait until the last minute to set out clothes and run out the door. But whatever the style you are following, you should be aware that skipping some basic pre-trip requirements may fall you major consequences. So, experts are recommending checking in to your flight as soon as possible.

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The last 24 hours of a big trip are very important. Even if you’re accustomed to traveling, there is always a chance to miss the little things due to the hectic pre-departure schedule. But one of the most important things that you can do easily is to check in to the flight as soon as possible. If you forget to check in early you can miss the flight or may get a bad seat that can ruin your whole trip.

Travel expert Scott Keyes said, “There are a few instances where it is quite important to check in early—and the earlier, the better.” Keyes also said, “That first-come, first-serve is determined by what time you checked in for your flight.”

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He also explained, “So, if you check-in for your flight, even five or 10 minutes after that 24-hour mark, you’re going to likely get put into the B or C-section groups, which means your odds of sitting together as a group or getting an aisle or window seat are not great. Especially if it’s a packed flight.”

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Inclement weather, terrific traffic jam, or any unexpected snag on the way can make you late for reaching the airport gate on time. Most airlines close check-in 45 minutes before domestic flights and 90 minutes before international trips. So, it is wise to complete check-in as early as possible.