Older persons of our family require more care. We need to concentrate more on their safety at home. Because most of the injuries occur inside the home. Especially the old buildings have some common hazards like clutter on the floor, poor lighting, and slippery surfaces. Many families are struggling with the best way to help the senior member of the family.

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At first, you have to include fall prevention features in your home. Make sure that there is sufficient lighting at every corner of the house. Ensure that you have arranged an adequate light system in the area of stairways at night.

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You can ass some features like handrails and safety grab bars. Including two handrails along stairs is a good idea to prevent any injuries due to falls. You can also install grab bars in the bathroom or other rooms as required.

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Sometimes the indoor pathways of our home are full of obstacles like loose cords which might be obstacles for senior members of our family. So, remove all the obstacles to ensure the easy movement of those adult persons. It is also important to remove scatter mats and repairs damaged floors.