According to World Health Organization, more than 264 million people around the world are suffering from depression. After this coronavirus pandemic, the rate is increasing. But the good news is we have multiple sources to seek help for depression. Especially in this current world different online support groups and forums are working to help people with depression. These are very powerful tools to connect people who are going through depression. These platforms are playing an important role in sharing experiences and providing coping techniques. 

Most online support groups for depression are free. Here are some of the best online depression support groups to consider.

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Anxiety and Depression Association of America

You can find this as an international nonprofit organization that supports people with anxiety and depression. It is a discussion forum where more than 59,000 engaged members are participating. If you are searching for an online support forum that is dedicated to preventing and treating a variety of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, it is the right choice. This platform is serving people for 30 years and helping people around the globe. But it doesn’t have any crisis support. 

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7 Cups

This platform provides 24/7 support for specific groups like LGBTQIA+ users, teens, caregivers. It is the best place to share experiences. There are some moderators who are helping to review the content to keep the online place safe. The chat rooms and forums are a wonderful place to discuss depression, encouragement, and support.

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NAMI Connection

If you are searching for an online platform for virtual meetups and neighborhoods, the National Alliance on Medical Illness (NAMI) could be a good choice. It offers individual and family support groups where you can meet weekly. These virtual, as well as in-person meetups, are available in more than 600 locations.