The philosophy of Feng Shui is developing a connection to wind and water which are the main ingredients to sustain life on this earth. The purpose of this philosophy is to reintroduce us to the nature where we inhabit. The concept of Feng Shui also has a great impact on our home design. Through maintaining this philosophy, we can make transform our houses into peaceful living places. 

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The basic rule of feng shui home design is to provide an optimal flow of energy. After careful observation of nature and experimentation for thousands of years, this ideology is promoting harmony in our home design. The main goal of this home layout is to find invisible energy that animates all life and improves our well-being. To ensure the free flow of energy into the space feng shui is working with shapes and colors. Different colors and shapes have a meaningful aspect in feng shui. For example, white represents mental clarity, productivity, and completion while black is related to stillness and wisdom. 

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To incorporate the effects of Feng Shui, you need to practice clean living. It promotes positivity in the living spaces and spreads good energy to your home. There are some basic principles of this home design philosophy like decluttering, removing extra unnecessary components, and playing with colors. According to the Feng Shui concept, all types of clutter are the main reason for negative energy. So, if you want to bring positive energy to your home, you have to remove all unnecessary objects.


This ideology suggests incorporating sounds to have positive energy into the atmosphere. Adding different elements of sound such as wind chimes at the front door can be a good idea to create a positive effect. Feng Shui recommends introducing natural light and sufficient ventilation. Using house plants and bamboo are also a good idea to ensure the flow of energy in your home.