Sex reveals contraption was created by Kellan Lutz and his wife Brittany Lutz. Brittany shared a video where the couple was revealing the sex of their second baby. After pulling on ribbons and counting over a hundred coins, they revealed that the family is going to have a baby boy soon.

Credit: usmagazine

Brittany captioned the video, “This is my husband. Nothing is as it seems…” She wrote “The suspense is killing me with every pull!” she wrote. “Then I got to the one I knew would open it…” Their 11-month-old daughter Ashtyn also participated in this game. She was sitting on Brittany’s lap and enjoying the confetti fall.

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Kellan told his wife to count the blue and pink coins. There were a number of blue and pink color coins covered the floor. The one with the most is the winner. She teased, “It’s a group effort to find all the coins because so many were hidden in all the confetti.” In the end, Brittany confirmed that they’ll be expecting a baby boy.

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Earlier this month, the couple first announced that they were expecting. With an Instagram video, Brittany shared the good news. She wrote, “God is Good! Babies are the Best! Love you forever and always @brittanylynnlutz.” Kellan and Brittany had some trouble having a child after the birth of their first child.