Are you amazed at the youthful-looking skin of Marisa Tomei? Then here we are to explain to you all details.

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Marisa Tomei is experimenting with her roles over the years. She played a number of roles in different movies. Whether it is Aunt May in Spider-Man or the award-winning role in “My Cousin Vinny”, Marisa is always dedicated to her skincare. You can also find the reflection of this statement in her beautiful skin.

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In a recent interview, Marisa shared her beauty routine. She said, “Growing up, I was interested in meditation and in grounding myself. That led to how I take care of my body in the best way.”  The 57-year-old actress minimal skincare products. The main ingredients of her skincare mixture are cleanser, moisturizer, and oil.

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The actress always tries to make her lashes and brows the center of attention. For this purpose, she uses a concealer and multitasking blush. The award-winning actress begins her day with water and a shake. She said, “I take Chlorella, especially if I ate something salty or sugary or had a lot to drink because Chlorella is really good for a hangover and all kinds of toxins.”

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Even though being a celebrity, she never uses expensive products. Rather she always uses a budget-friendly gentle dermatologist-tested cleanser is which is good for the skin. She’s also a fan of hydrating her body too. She said, “While we’re on limbs, I’m a big fan of Lord Jones,” The Spider-Man also mentioned, “I do deal with my brows now differently — I’ve been trying to grow them in since they were super over-plucked in the ’90s.”