A new version of ‘Act Of Love’ is shared by Simple Minds. It is one of the earliest tracks of this music group. The song was never recorded or released earlier.

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The rare track was written baby Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill in 1978. The group’s first performance was also at Glasgow’s Satellite City in the same year.

Kerr said about the track, “Over the years people have asked: ‘When did you think Simple Minds had the potential to make it?’ My stock answer was always: ‘Oh, we didn’t really think about that. But I realize now that I wasn’t telling the truth. I believed we had something special as soon as I heard Charlie play the riff on ‘Act Of Love’.”

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He also said, “I was thinking about the excitement of what we were setting out to do. We would rehearse in the afternoon in a derelict building in the Gorbals and I’d walk past Govanhill Library, thinking about the idea of the muse: a voice within that will appear and provide inspiration.”

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Then the singer added, “That’s what the song was about originally. Now I’m looking back, reflecting on how the belief was real. When Charlie played that riff, it made me think we could do this. From that belief becomes your attitude, your body language, the whole culture of the band.”