The singer, songwriter, and actor Mandy Moore revealed that she is planning to release new music. Recently she shared a post on her social media account and mentioned that “new music coming very soon”.

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Mandy Moore released the album ‘Silver Landings’ in 2020 which was her first album in the last 11 years. A few days ago she confirmed that she’s working on new music.

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She wrote in an Instagram post, “Nearly 2 years ago, my first record in 11 years came into the world…We were 4 days away from leaving for my first tour since 2007 when the pandemic shut the world down.”

Moore also shared a photo of herself in a studio recording vocals. She wrote, “It was hard to sort through the myriad of emotions of what it took to make that music: the disappointment and sorrow of unfulfilled dreams….all while we were collectively grappling with and grieving the tragedy unfolding around the globe. So I turned back to music because that was the only catharsis I could find while stuck at home.”

Then she continued: “With Taylor Goldsmith and Mike Viola, I started a new record during a very uncertain time… but it was also the mark of the ultimate chapter surrounding impending parenthood.”

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The singer concluded, “Anyway…. all of this to tell you that there is new music coming very soon… and a tour! And I’m staying present and open to this experience revealing itself exactly how it’s supposed to. **** PS: your comments, love, and encouragement are so appreciated. A year has already been made. Thanks, friends!! Hope to see you on the road soon!! Xoxoxo.”